Local Movers (Home & Office)

Local Movers (Home & Office)

Local Movers – Laredo, Texas

Are you scared of moving from your current home due to the challenges of relocating your family and their possessions? Have spent years filling your home with treasures and precious memories, and now you’ve decided it’s time to change your scenery?

Wee-Move has been providing residential moving services to families and individuals around Laredo and for many years. More than 80% of our local moving projects come from direct recommendations and repeat business. We have all the necessary resources and equipment in place to help you disassemble & load your possessions from your current home into our moving truck, then ship/deliver, and unload your belongings into your new home.

We understand and know the experience, and how stressful it can be to move from one place to another. At Wee-Move, we work hard and do everything possible to make your move as stress-free as can be.

Our Reliable Movers

Our team of professional movers must meet all company requirements, undergo a criminal background check, and are thoroughly trained. They are passionate and committed to providing you with the best home moving service. Even though our moving process is quick and effective, we pay maximum attention to details and take good care of your things. We understand that many of your valuables are personally important to you. Rest assured you are in good hands!

Helpful Moving TIPS

🛠️💪 How To Move In 4 Steps! ✅🚚

There is always a lot of excitement when you rent or buy a new home, but you may need some important moving tips to guide you and make the move a smooth one. Moving to a new house or apartment can be stressful and require a lot of commitment. No matter how happy you are to move to your new home, moving isn’t always so easy. To make the moving process easier, here are some important tips to help you out.

Start Early: Moving process consumes a lot of time, this is because you spend more time packing up all your items in your present location. Most people are not aware that moving takes a lot of time; they end up wasting a lot of time, misplacing items and other big problems at the end of the process. Study shows that most people need at least 4 weeks to get ready for a move. That is because of the hours involved in packing items in each room. The study also shows that it takes the average person 4-5 hours to pack a room and get it ready for a moving process. Remember that a room can be as little as half a room with a lot of stuff, so multiply that by the number of rooms you must move.
Use a Moving Checklist: People who have moved from one place to place agree using a checklist will greatly reduce the anxiety of any move. A moving checklist consists of a set of to-do-list, items that should be taken good care of during the moving process. This will go a long way by keeping you on track and prevent you from forgetting vital steps in your move.
Create “Open Me First” Boxes and Suitcases: One of the biggest problems, when you get to your destination, is trying to find what you need when you start to unpack. There are two unique solutions to this. Create a single backpack or suitcase filled with all the necessary things you would need if you were to go on a 3-day vacation. This includes changing clothes that you can either go to work in or unpack in depending on your schedule, eyeglasses, plus toiletries, prescriptions, and other important things. Get these items kept separately from other items. Have an open-me-first for each room that will contain things you want to have immediately available when you arrived at your new place and label it clearly with attention-grabbing ink. This may include towels, soap and toilet paper, plates, cups, coffee maker, etc. these items are expected to sustain you in your first 24-hours when getting settled into your new home.
Getting Professional Help: Hiring a professional can be vital when moving. You can save a lot of time, money and energy when an experienced professional help you move. If you chose to do your own move, you will have to rent and drive a moving truck, disassemble/reassemble, carry heavy items which can be dangerous without the proper back support, not to mention the excruciatingly slow process if you don’t have the right equipment to move these items for you. In most instances, going with a professional mover is the best way to go. A knowledgeable mover has probably seen their fair share of moves and has learned the best practices to safely handling your items in the most efficient manner.

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