Apartment/Condo Movers

Apartment/Condo Movers

Moving Your Apartment / Condo

It may look as if the easiest way to move is by using a pick-up truck and getting a few friends to help. Loading a truck is easy, but don’t forget moving furniture needs to be protected and carried around narrow hallways and staircases.

Save Time & Money

Leave the hard work to the professionals! We come prepared with all the necessary equipment to move, protect, and deliver our work. Our knowledgeable movers have been specially trained in loading and unloading your belongings safely and securely; to lighten the load and make your move a worry-free experience.

Take Care of Your Furniture. It’s no easy task to move large items around narrow spaces. One of the most common mistakes is not protecting your furniture as it is transported. While on the road the moving truck can make hard stops, drive over potholes and bumps, or shift your things around during a turn. Our professional movers will properly wrap your furniture to prevent or reduce potential damages that your furniture may endure. Needless to say, accidents can happen to anyone, but our vested interest in your belongings will see to it that everything arrives in one piece.

Stairs are a Headache! Living anywhere past the first floor makes any move much harder. Not only is it harder to maneuver around walls, and staircases, but maintaining an ongoing endurance through the entire move can be overwhelming. Our movers come prepared with the right equipment to move quickly to reduce the hassle of going up or down any stairs.

Rental Checklist

  • Notify Your Landlord: Some properties need advanced notice of your move within a specific timeframe and the text in your contract. Be sure to re-read your original lease agreement to make sure you take the proper steps in moving out of your current home.
  • Don’t Lose Your Deposit: Most rental properties require a security deposit to cover any expenses the property owner/manager may need to spend in order to get your home ready for the next tenant. Consider doing a deep cleaning and fix any damage that may have happened during your stay.
  • Take Pictures BEFORE and AFTER You Move: It is important to keep a record of the condition of your rental. Sometimes you may come across a landlord that will try to make the most out of your deposit. By taking pictures before you move will back up any claims the landlord may claim that you caused. Save yourself the headache to make sure you aren’t charged for something that you didn’t do. To receive the entire balance of a deposit on an apartment, most landlords require renters to return the property to its original condition with reasonable wear and tear (depending on how long you lived there). Check your lease or contact your landlord for more information.