PACK DISHES In 5 Easy Steps

In this dish packing guide, you’re going to find out how to properly pack and transport dish is and other fragile kitchen items when you move.

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Pack Dishes In 5 Easy Steps

When you’re getting ready to move to another house packing your kitchen is definitely one of the first things you have to do. One of the biggest reasons is because there is a lot of breakable dishwares. Take the weight off your shoulders with this simple packing guide for your dishes and other breakables.

Packing Supplies You Will Need

1) Designate a Packing Area

One of the best places that you could start with is your kitchen table that’s because it has a lot of open space where you could put it you’re packing supplies and also the dishes that you’re going to be packing.

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2) Use Small Boxes When Packing Dishes

When you’re packing dishes, plates, or bowls it’s best to use small boxes. This is because small boxes will be able to handle the weight and it is less likely that the handles will tear whenever you’re tearing it.

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3) How To Pack Dishes Into A Moving Box

As soon as you finish wrapping up each dish make sure to put him vertically inside the box what this going to do is going to keep the box nice and tight and keep items from moving around. Also, if there are any spaces inside the box make sure to fill the spaces with more packing paper.

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4) Label Each Box Before Starting Another

It’s easy to lose track of time whenever you’re packing. There is basically a lot of things that you need to put together for your moving day. Just don’t forget to write the content of each box that way you know what goes into what room and how to stack the boxes as you’re moving.

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5) Load Fragile Boxes Into A Moving Truck

Most moving trucks have space over the cabin called moms attic. As you’re loading your moving truck or unloading this will help you identify how to place each box. The last thing you want to do is put heavy boxes on top of fragile items.

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