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Moving Straps that make moving easy!

  • SAFELY LIFT AND MOVE – The TeamStrap is designed to keep arms and hands-free to steady and guide bulky items around corners as well as open doors. Use average human strength to lift surprisingly heavy and bulky items with this heavy lifting strap.
  • VERSATILE – The TeamStrap lifting straps allow you to carry items easily across uneven terrain, hills, stairs, and around corners. Moving large or heavy objects such as refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove, television, furniture, and mattresses is easy!
  • PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL USE – Whether you are a professional mover, or want to rearrange your living room, the TeamStrap is a must-have! The TeamStrap furniture moving straps offer ultimate flexibility to fit all shapes and sizes of items to move.
  • EASY STORAGE – Your TeamStrap moving strap folds up into a compact package that can be stored in a glove box or tool bucket so it’s always on hand. This is a great gift for people on the go that need to move items at a moment’s notice.
  • SPECS – 3″ Wide | 15′ Long | 650 lb. Load Capacity | 48″ Of Adjustability (From 5′ to 9′ Distance Between Shoulder Harnesses) | Quantity: 1 TeamStrap Lifting System – Includes 3 Pieces (2 Shoulder Straps, 1 Adjustable Center Lifting Strap)


🦺How To Use Moving Straps?🗄️


The straps that make moving easy!📢

Moving isn’t easy, and we know it. As a mover, I need certain equipment that will make the job easier for my crew. This is why I recommend these straps when moving heavy items such as furniture or appliances.

📢Lifting Heavy Furniture Is NOT Easy!📢

Movers will use special furniture straps to carry the furniture easily.



🗄️Make Sure the Furniture is Empty

Make sure to empty out all furniture BEFORE you carry any item. This will make each item lighter and easier to carry. Doing this will speed up your move!

🧻How to Keep Your Drawers from Opening During a Move

Use Saran wrap or tape to keep drawers from opening as they’re being carried.

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