Hire a Mover You Can Trust!

Wee-Move works every move with the mission of providing the best moving services in Laredo Texas.

As a top-rated local mover, we strive to make your moving day a worry-free experience. One thing is certain; our professional movers are ready to take on the task. Read from our long list of online reviews from real people who have hired Wee-Move Moving Company in the past. Our years of experience carrying out countless home moves, apartment moves, storage moves, packing services, UHaul loading and unloading services, office moves, and more; recommend us as a reliable Laredo mover.

Our Mission

Wee-Move executes under the principle of delivering to our customers the unrivaled quality services they deserve, and inspiring other companies to do the same.

Whether it be an in-town or out-of-town move, our solid knowledge of this industry and the long list of previous moving jobs, recommend us as a reliable moving company.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to making sure we consistently deliver a worry-free moving experience to those we serve.

Our years of experience carrying out reliable and skilled packing and moving services. We offer a number of moving services including but not limited to: home moves, apartment moves, storage moves, labor help, packing, loading, and unloading of customer’s trucks (i.e. U-Haul), installation of household goods and furniture, and unwanted furniture removal (all furniture will be donated).

Why Hire Wee-Move Moving Company?

Without a doubt, it is hard to move! Put your mind at ease knowing that Wee-Move will bring the right tools and equipment to complete every move. Our movers are hand-picked and individually trained to handle your furniture with the highest level of care. We have successfully helped customers move in and/or move out of their homes and businesses locally, but also across long distances. Rest assured that Wee-Move Moving Company provides each customer with an extensive spectrum of moving options tailored to their individual needs.

What To Expect With Wee-Move!

  • Knowledgeable and experienced movers with proper training.
  • Appropriate use of tools and equipment to assemble & disassemble your furniture.
  • Proper use of equipment such as moving straps, box dollies, and appliance dollies to move quickly and efficiently.
  • Protective blankets, pads, and covers to keep your furniture safe.
  • The peace of mind knowing you have chosen a great moving company!

Our Story

Let’s jump into a time machine and drive down memory lane:

The idea to re-invent the moving service industry in Laredo was developed in January of 2015 by two great minds, Victor Navarro and Pedro “Peter” Beltran.

Victor, a natural-born entrepreneur, and Pedro “Peter” Beltran a proud U.S. Veteran. At the time, both Victor and Peter were heavily engaged members of Inspire Social Business Club, a non-profit organization with the mission of helping local businesses grow. Through their combined experience and dedication, a moving company was created with the vision of a greater purpose for tomorrow.

At the time, Wee-Move was in its infancy and rapidly growing; however, balancing other responsibilities restricted Victor’s ability to promote its continued development. During this time, Peter was in the process of relocating to another city. Wee-Move ’s undeniable potential was at risk. It was then that Victor turned to Eduardo Martinez, the person he knew would continue operating under the same values in-which Wee-Move was created.

On September 15, 2015, Wee-Move was integrated into Vartta Group Services, Inc. After a major make-over, re-branding, and a few other upgrades Wee-Move continues to grow.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Mover?

Moving can be a challenging task. Truthfully, there is a tremendous amount of planning, work and time invested to prepare for your move.

  • Planning Your Move: Do you a specific date in mind? Have you started packing? Are your utility services in-sync with your moving day? Have you updated your new mailing address with your personal, work, or others who need to know? Who will be helping you move? How are you finding your trusted mover (mover near me, moving companies near me, moving company near me, local mover, moving company, or a different way)?
  • Moving Day: Did anyone helping you unexpectedly cancel? Do you have the right tools and equipment? Do you have a deadline? Do you need additional storage? Is everything going to the same place or are you making a few stops along the way? Is your furniture properly protected with commercial moving blankets and pads? Do you need special tools to carry anything heavy, delicate, or expensive? Do you have stairs or narrow walkways? How many trucks are you using? How many trips do you expect to make? Does have to leave early?
  • Post-Move: Do you have to return any rented equipment? Do you need to re-assemble any furniture? Is everything in its appropriate room or do you have to move things around? Was anyone hurt carrying your heavy furniture/appliances?

Well it’s safe to say moving and planning is both physically and mentally draining before, during, and after you have settled in. Hire a professional, Wee-Move Moving Company is an experienced moving company ready to help take a load off your back!