🍽️ How To Pack Your Kitchen🔪

Packing your kitchen is definitely one of the hardest parts of your home to move. There are appliances and fragile that need to be moved. So the best recommendation is to start with your kitchen first!

If you’re packing breakable items, remember to line the bottom of each box with a clean rag or an old t-shirt. This will help keep your fragile items in place while also protecting the bottom and top.

Mark each box with its contents to help you remember what’s inside. Write “FRAGILE” in big bold letters and draw an arrow to indicate which side should face up.

Pack Glass With Your Clothes

Use a t-shirt to wrap your plates and other glassware. This will save you on the cost of supplies and at the same time pack your clothes.

How To Pack Dishes And Glassware

  1. Wrap each bowl or plate individually with bubble wrap, foam, or a clean cloth.
  2. Prepare your box using extra tape at the bottom of each box. Put the box on its side and place a rag as a cushion at the base.
  3. Pack vertically and stack largest to smallest. Remember to layer each plate with enough cushion to separate and protect each plate.

Pack your dishes vertically into small boxes. You can use bubble wrap or foam to individually wrap each plate or bowl.

Moving Tip: Use rags or clothes to wrap each plate for padding. Fill the empty spaces by crumbling newspapers or magazines into any gap. This will prevent them from shifting during your move.

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