6 Steps To A Perfect Moving Day!

Getting Started:
Plan & Organize Your Move
Downsize, Declutter, & Make Room
Stock Up Your Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies
Pack & Label Your Boxes
Pack Personal Boxes To Take With You
Working With Movers

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Step #1) Plan and Organize Your Move
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Preparation is key to ensuring a successful move. Don’t wait until the last minute, planning ahead will give you a head start to planning correctly.

Step #2) Downsize, Declutter, & Make Room
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Know What You Will And won’t Move
The less stuff you move, the less expensive your move will be. One of the things you will realize is the ungodly amount of junk that you have accumulated over time. Moving is a good reason to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

Categorize This Task Into Four Groups:

  1. Sort: Things you want to keep
  2. Discard: Things to toss out (broken items or missing pieces)
  3. Sell: Things that can be sold to make money when you move
  4. Donate: Things you don’t want but could be given away
Step #3) Stock-Up On Moving Boxes & Supplies

Make a supply run to make sure you have everything you will need to pack everything you need to move into your new home.

Step #4) Pack & Label Your Boxes
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Label & Code Your Moving Boxes

Step #5) What To Take With You When You Move

Step #5) What To Take With You When You Move
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Essentials Bin
Chances are you will be too tired to unpack your boxes. Preparing an essentials bin will give you easy access to the important items you will need after you settle into your new home.

Personal Suitcase
Set aside a “personal suitcase” for things you will need immediately at any time. This bag or suitcase should be loaded last or at the very least loaded with you in your car. To keep things you can’t go a day without.

Step #6) Working With Movers

Step #6) Working With Movers
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